Saturday, October 25, 2014

Self drafted Racerback Sports Bra

Self Drafted Racerback Sports Bra with free pattern!

I need some new sporst bra but couldn't afford the branded store bought one. So I decided to made it myself out of old clothing and it turns out cute. What do you think?

And here I share the Racerback Sport Bra pattern with you, click on the link to view and download.

Armholes & neckline binding finish with FOE

Neckline & armholes finish with 0.5cm elastic and topstitch with twin needle

Hole in sideseam of the lining

Insert the bra pad

For this project you will need:


  • Both main fabric and lining have to be cotton/lycra or cotton/spandex with composition at least 95% / 5% four way stretch, more percentage of lycra/spandex will have more stretch. You can also experiment on poly/lycra or poly/spandex fabric.
  • For 1 sport bra only need ¼ yards fabric (I think), I made mine of of old tee :)
  • 1 cm - 1.5 cm width FOE (Fold Over Elastic) for finishing the neckline and armhole. You will need 65 cm for the neckline and 50 cm for each armholes.
  • 1 cm width elastic for the hem line/under bust line (measure how long you need). I measure mine then subtract around 4.5” / 11.25 cm.
  • You have to add 1 cm seam allowance to the neckline and armholes while cutting the fabric if you want to finish them with 0.5 cm elastic.


  1. Join the main fabric front and back right side facing by sewing shoulder seam and side seam, press seam open.
  2. Joint the lining front and back right side facing by sewing shoulder seam and side seam. When sewing lining side seam leave a little hole in the middle then zigzag stitch around the hole (set stitch width on 2). This hole is for insert the bra pad later. Press seam open.
  3. Join the main fabric and the lining wrong side facing, pin together on the shoulder seam and side seam. To secure the join of main fabric and the lining, sew the side seam together with zigzag stitch (set stitch width on 2), sew slowly be careful not  to sew the lining side hole shut, if you do you can’t insert the bra pad later.
  4. Baste around the neckline and armholes then finish with FOE
  5. Join the 1 cm elastic by overlapping approx. 1 cm with zigzag stitch (sew a few times to secure the join). Serge the hemline (main fabric and lining), sew the 1 cm elastic to the hemline on the lining side with zigzag stitch (set the width on 3) and pull the elastic as you sew so the elastic fill the whole hem circumference. If you don’t have a serger you can just zigzag stitch the elastic to the hemline.
  6. Fold the hemline inside facing the lining the top stitch with 3 step-zigzag stitch (set the width on 3), you can also to stitch with twin needle.

Fitting: This sport bra should fit 34 - 35 Cup (for bigger size I suggest you add more ease on the side seam).
Sewing Kill: Intermediate skill plus some experience on sewing with knit fabric is needed for this project.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern, if you have any thoughts fell free to comment, thanks.